The objective of SLO 3-D Archery is to elevate the sport of archery through education and the promotion of youth, family and individual archery participation.

SLO 3-D Archery encourages the safe use of archery equipment, and the practice of proper archery techniques, etiquette and sportsmanship.

Whether you’re looking to shoot on your terms, or you’re looking to interact with other local archers in competitive tournaments, SLO 3-D Archery has it all!



Advanced Range

While our range caters to all ages and skill levels, SLO 3-D Archery is designed with the experienced archer in mind. You will be challenged and you will come back for more.





Memberships are available to archers of all ages and skill levels. Members get gate access and can shoot 365 days / year for one affordable annual fee!





As a member of SLO 3-D Archery, you’ll be invited to participate in exclusive tournaments and other club events.

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Over 50 Targets

Rinehart Targets are made with a shooter’s needs in mind. Made of the highest quality, all-weather proof, solid self-healing foam — Rinehart Targets last the longest, look the best, and are made by shooters for shooters!”


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Paula S. - Covington, LA

"We spent the last two days out there. ALL DAY. It was nice to be there during the week, it was SO quiet… with the exception of the deer, rabbits and armadillos that we ran into, we didn't see another living creature! The range is so much fun and a great place for me to get familiar with my new bow. My husband and I are really going to enjoy our membership."